🐦 Flappy Bird in ChaiLove
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ChaiLove: Floppy Bird

Flappy Bird re-implementation using ChaiLove.

Floppy Bird Gameplay

See the video demo to see Floppy Bird in action.


  1. Run RetroArch

  2. Install the ChaiLove core through RetroArch

    • Online Updater β†’ Core Updater β†’ ChaiLove
  3. Download the latest ChaiLove Floppy Bird release

    • Online Updater β†’ Content Downloader β†’ ChaiLove β†’ FloppyBird.chailove


  1. Load FloppyBird.chailove through RetroArch...

    • Load Content β†’ Downloads β†’ FloppyBird.chailove
  2. Alternatively, it is possible to run it through the command line:

    retroarch -L chailove_libretro.so FloppyBird.chailove


retroarch -L chailove_libretro.so main.chai


The ChaiLove source is under the MIT license. Many of the assets included are CC0 1.0. The authors of the works are listed below...