ScummVM.dat file to run ScummVM games in RetroArch
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A DAT file containing game files to run ScummVM games in RetroArch.


  1. Find the Game ID of the game you're looking to add. The game IDs can be found in ScummVM's compatibility list.

    monkey for Monkey Island

  2. Create a .scummvm file inside the game directory named by the Game ID

    monkey.scummvm for Monkey Island

  3. Open up the file in a text editor, and add the Game ID.

    echo monkey >> monkey.scummvm

  4. (Optional) You could download prepared .scummvm files from the libretro-database-scummvm/games directory.

  5. Scan each game directory


  1. Install Node.js >= 4
  2. Install ScummVM
  3. Run npm install to install dependendencies
  4. Run npm test to build the games directory and ScummVM.dat
  5. If the game is not listed, you can add it by editing the games.json file