A simple and easy-to-use ChaiScript library to enjoy videogames programming
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ChaiScript bindings for raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming (www.raylib.com)


The following is an example of what raylib looks like through ChaiScript:

var screenWidth = 800
var screenHeight = 450
InitWindow(screenWidth, screenHeight, "raylib [core] example - basic window")

while (!WindowShouldClose()) {
    DrawText("Congrats! You created your first window!", 190, 200, 20, LIGHTGRAY)
CloseWindow()        // Close window and OpenGL context

Check for more examples organized by raylib modules.


There are a number of ways to use raylib-chaiscript. The following covers its API binding, and a launcher tool...

API Binding

To integrate raylib-chaiscript directly into an existing project, the single header-only file, raylib.hpp, is used. To add the raylib bindings to your project you will need to...

  1. Include that file in your project:

    #include "chaiscript/extras/raylib.hpp"
  2. Add the module to your ChaiScript instance:

    auto raylib = chaiscript::extras::raylib::bootstrap();
  3. Evaluate a file with some raylib code:



There is a command-line interface tool to quickly launch .chai files with raylib, named raylib-chaiscript. This allows running raylib-chaiscript .chai scripts directly from the command line, or just with drag & drop of .chai files into raylib-chaiscript.exe.

./raylib-chaiscript core_basic_window.chai

It can be compiled for other platforms, just need to link with ChaiScript library and raylib library. For more details, just check comments on raylib-chaiscript.cpp.


raylib-chaiscript is licensed under an unmodified zlib/libpng license, which is an OSI-certified, BSD-like license that allows static linking with closed source software. Check LICENSE for further details.

Copyright (c) 2018 Rob Loach (@RobLoach)