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Chromium build and version details:

Chromium 71.0.3551.0 (Official Build) (Windows 64-bit) - No Sync | WebRTC Enabled | No Widevine
Revision fffc2a9d17cb1af7edb6cc640b3171e25955f356-refs/heads/master@{#590835}
Compiler clang (+lld_linker +thinlto +compiler_optimizations +linker_optimizations)

SHA-1 hashes for binary downloads:

chrome.zip - a1e70fada5e492f14b99aa3398899a666ee91e78
mini_installer.exe - 8b72e26a208c27e2f5e9e5d315760106944f6d19

Extended notes:

The file chrome.zip is manually formatted to match the "chrome-win32" archive format used by Nik.