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@RobRich999 RobRich999 released this Mar 25, 2020 · 6 commits to master since this release

Chromium 83.0.4096.0 (Official Build) (Windows 64-bit) - No Sync | WebRTC Enabled | No Widevine
Revision 4853f5b2876fc4f2aa7785e9fe8395a3bf7466ee-refs/heads/master@{#753154}
Compiler clang (+lld_linker +thinlto +polly +sse2 +compiler_optimizations +linker_optimizations)

SHA-1 hashes for binary downloads: - b31b35bc405413206fb1ed3221e246b1ec7f9f3b
mini_installer.exe - 2f5c0ef57aff14a7f5cce761691b5b7be81da347

Extended notes:

The file is manually formatted to match the "chrome-win32" archive format used by Nik.

This legacy support build is intended for low-power and/or older processors lacking AVX SIMD instruction set support.

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