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Phenix Devkit Firmware v0.1

The PhenixPro DevKit is an intelligent mobile robot control, computing and networking platform. It's integrated in a Xilinx Zynq SoC, with dual core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and FPGA fabric on a signal chip. It is also running PhenOS(based on freeRTOS) and Linux on each CPU core respectively. Attitude estimation, flight control, navigation are implemented by ArduPilot( So far, it only support quadcopter(we call it flying robot).

The codebase is hosting on github:

The developers' guide is presenting on:

and hosting on github:, so developers can contribute to edit and push modifications.

Developers can push questions to DevKit user forum at:

For those who have further questions, please push your questions onto our developers' forum at, we have developers and our engineering team there for Q&A. And also have the Wechat group, since it's only for invited developers, please add our coordinator Jie(his wechat account is: zhoushanjinjie) first and he will invite you to the Wechat group.