A browser extension tuning Google Reader with two-pane navigation.
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2-Pane for Google Reader

A browser extension tuning Google Reader with two-pane navigation - easily switch between two-pane and regular navigation with a toggle switch.


Anyone with a netbook, ultraportable, or other computing device with low vertical resolution can testify to the nightmare of the new design changes introduced to Google Reader. Even with the selectable density trimming the user interface's obese whitespace, my favorite RSS reader can now only display a single article at a time.

Enter 2-Pane, a browser extension that makes more room for articles by converting Google Reader into a two-pane navigation scheme. Simply install and enjoy browsing google reader with 135 more pixels devoted to vertical space. To access controls hidden in 2-Pane mode, click the popup and click "Original".


  • 2-Pane Mode: a two-pane interface for Google Reader maximizing vertical space.
  • Original Mode: Toggle easily between the original interface and 2-Pane.


Just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Be sure to press "r" after entering 2-Pane Mode.


2-Pane is released under a permissive FOSS license (MPL). Contributions welcome.

  1. Grab latest source
git clone git@github.com:RobSpectre/2-Pane.git
  1. Enable Chrome Extension in your Chrome install
Open Chrome.
Navigate to Settings... Tools... Extensions.
Click + on "Developer mode"
Click "Load unpacked extensions..."
Navigate to directory you installed 2-Pane and click Open.


Contributions for the open issues welcome.

  • Annoying Chrome bug that leaves whitespace on bottom of interface when hiding for first time.
  • Firefox extension
  • IE plugin
  • Internationalization


Lovingly crafted in Brooklyn, NY. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Want it for Gmail?

Amit Gharat adapted this approach for his own extension, 2-Pane for Gmail.