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Jeter Filter

A Chrome extension that removes Derek Jeter from the Internet.


Each day, millions of people all around the world browse the Internet at terrible risk to their emotional and psychological well being. In this brave new world of the twenty-four news cycle, the ubiquitous usage of URI shorteners, and the virulence of content sharing, never has there been a more dangerous period for the average Internet user than right now. At any second, a wrong click can send a hapless victim to pages containing horrific exposure to the most disgusting, most vile, most gag-reflexive content imaginable from the black hearts of sick and twisted men.

I am speaking, of course, about content with Derek Jeter.

The Jeter Filter is a Chrome extension that removes Derek Jeter from the Internet, thus ending this long national nightmare. With this extension, you can enjoy a safe browsing experience with active search and removal of Derek Jeter on the pages you visit. You can adjust the Jeter Filter to the setting that fits your lifestyle, choosing between "Mild," "Aggressive," and the safest, most popular "Vindictive." Further, all sites found to contain Jeter while you are using the Jeter Filter are anonymously logged to FluidInfo, making it easier for developers on other platforms to add Jeter filtering to their experiences.

This means the more you browse with the Jeter Filter, the easier it becomes for the world to filter more Jeter.

And the easier it becomes for the world to filter out Derek Jeter, the better we are all for living it.


  • Detects instances of Derek Jeter on web pages, warning users of the horror they may contain.
  • Attempts to identify semantically sections of the page likely to contain Derek Jeter and removes them from the page.
  • Sensitivity settings to customize the aggressiveness of the filter - remove single references, chunks or the entire page.
  • Anonymously logs URIs containing Derek Jeter on FluidInfo in an effort to make filtering Derek Jeter easier for app developers worldwide.

Installation (for Users)

Just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store!

Then surf the web, comforted by the protection you are now afforded.

Installation (for Developers)

Want to hack on the Jeter Filter? Sweet!

Here's a howto to get the source of the Chrome Extension running in your environment.

  1. Grab latest source
git clone
  1. Enable Chrome Extension in your Chrome install
Open Chrome.
Navigate to Settings... Tools... Extensions.
Click + on "Developer mode"
Click "Load unpacked extensions..."
Navigate to directory you installed Jeter Filter and click Open.
Chuckle to self as you reload this page and significant chunks of it suddenly disappear.
  1. Make the world a safer place.


This work is licensed under GPLv3. Created by Rob Spectre. Lovingly crafted in Brooklyn, NY.


A Chrome extension that removes Derek Jeter from the Internet.






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