A birthday web app for my friend Sonya.
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Reasons Sonya Is Awesome

A web, voice and SMS app delivering random reasons why my friend Sonya is awesome.

Delivered for her birthday, January 2012.


Happy birthday Sonya! I cut you some codez.

Text or call (718)285-0684 to use the mobile experience.

Getting Started

Feel free to personalize this project for the special people in your life.

  1. Create a Twilio account if you do not already have one.
  2. Buy a phone number.
  3. Create a TwIML application. Associate your phone number with this appliation.
  4. In local_settings.py uncomment lines 8-11. Changes the variables to the ones you have set up on your Twilio account. You will see your ACCOUNT SID and your AUTH TOKEN on the top of your Twilio account Dashboard. The APP SID is the name of your TwIML application.
Uncommet to configure in file.  
ACCOUNT_SID = "ACxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  
AUTH_TOKEN = "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
SONYA_APP_SID = "APzzzzzzzzz"
SONYA_CALLER_ID = "+17778889999" 
  1. Set you your Voice Request URL for your Twilio number to Application_url/voice

For example


And your SMS Request URL to Application_url/sms

For example



I'm using a bunch of fun stuff here: