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A Boxee application that prompts users to call the United States Congress to stop SOPA and PROTECT-IP.
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Stop Censorship

A Boxee application facilitating direct contact with the United States Congress to voice disapproval of the SOPA and PROTECT-IP bills.


The Internet we know and love is at risk. You can help save it.

Two very dangerous bills are currently under consideration by the Congress of the United States. Dubbed the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT-IP, the bills collectively hand over editorial control of much of the Internet to media special interests and the United States government, granting new powers to block domain names merely accused of copyright infringement. Additionally, it would force user-generated content sites like YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo, and many others to unprecedented lengths to police content and put people in prison for violations.

These two bills represent an existential threat to the Internet fueling the only economic growth seen in the Western world during these troubled times. Should these bills become law, the regulations they represent would crush Internet innovation, destroy wealth and kill jobs, to say nothing of curbing freedoms we all currently enjoy.

It is incumbent upon all technologists in the United States to take action to end this threat. To that end, this Boxee application makes it easy for you to call your Congressional representatives from the comfort of your couch.


  1. Install Boxee app from the App Library
  2. Input telephone number
  3. Input zipcode
  4. Click Call Congress
  5. Save the Internet.



To install Stop Censorship to your local Boxee client or Boxee Box, follow the instructions on the Boxee Developer Wiki.


  • client - The Boxee app
    • descriptor.xml - Manifest file for application
    • - Method for making request to MobileCommons.
    • skins
      • boxee
        • 720p - User interface files
        • media - Art assets
  • server - Server assets for the application thumbnail (just a PNG)



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