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How to Crush Your Hackathon Demo

A fifteen minute speed pep-talk to help hackathon participants polish their presentations. Given at PennApps Data, September 2011.


  • Introduction
    • Bomb Your Demo, You Bomb Your Hack
  • Rob's Top Five Protips for Hackathon Demos
    • Rehearse!
      • Two minutes is not a long time
      • Go over your demo at least three time
      • Try to get feedback from outside your team
    • Engage The Crowd in 30 Seconds
      • Humor is a great lubricant
      • Get to Wow Factor as quickly as possible
      • Two minutes is all you have
    • Deckware Is Not Gangster
      • Slides must die
      • Ask crowd for data
      • You don't have to write the code in front of the audience
    • Show, Don't Tell
      • Get right to the hack
      • Present the solution before the problem
      • Make sure it's funny
    • Fail Gracefully
      • Something is going to break
      • Be ready
  • Conclusion
    • This is supposed to be fun, look like you're having it
    • Party hard!


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