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Log OmniFocus items done today to DayOne
Logs today's OmniFocus done items to DayOne (avoiding duplication)


Shell script which logs, to the DayOne application, any OmniFocus tasks which :

  1. Are marked as completed since midnight last night, and
  2. have not yet been logged to DayOne.

  • The script directly queries the OmniFocus Sqlite cache, and doesn't require OmniFocus to be running.
  • It avoids duplication of items logged earlier, if the script is called several times in one day.
  • It can be called automatically from Hazel, whenever a change in the OmniFocus cache is detected, if that suits your workflow.


This script requires installation of the Day One command line interface.

Hazel settings to monitor changes in the OmniFocus cache folder:

  • ~/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus
  • or ~/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.MacAppStore

(Depending on which version of OmniFocus you are running)

Hazel settings

Or, for sparser and more aggregated logging events, combine a delaying rule with one or more fixed time events:

Two rules

Hazel gaps between logging events

Timed rules to flush the logging buffer

  • The default output format is broadly that of TaskPaper or FoldingText, but with times only.
  • Works best with Day One Preferences > Appearances: + Markdown - Link Twitter @names
  • If you need Link Twitter names then it will probably make sense to edit the '@' characters out of the script
    Project A:
    - task1 @done(HH:MM)
    - task2 @done(HH:MM)
    - taskN @done(HH:MM)

    Project B:
    - taskX @done(HH:MM)
    - taskY @done(HH:MM)
    - taskZ @done(HH:MM)

Viewing the results in DayOne:

  • When DayOne first opens it defaults to displaying a fresh editing session, and displays a Done button at upper right.
  • To view the text created by automatic logging events, you will need to click the Done button, to exit the current editing session.
  • Note that (Ver 3+ of this script) the final colon of the project line is a live link back to the project in OmniFocus.

Logging sound:

  • By default the script makes a system 'pop' sound when the done log has taken place.
  • To suppress this sound, comment out the relevant line near the end of the script (by preceding it with a hash character)
   afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Pop.aiff