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Custom perspectives across several files using NSXML XQuery from Javascript

( Simple demo )

XQuery is now directly accessible to OS X 10.10 scripting.

It provides a very flexible way of generating grouped and sub-grouped reports across a set of text files in HTML OPML or other XML formats, either generated automatically through a Hazel process from tagged MD or TaskPaper files, or as the native format of a preferred outlining and tagging application.

This script (with the folder of sample OPML files on which it runs) provides a simple demo of a generic approach.

Installation and use
  • Copy the sample OPML files in SampleFolder to a folder on your system,

  • launch Brett Terpstra's Marked 2,

  • and run the QueryAFolderOfOPMLFiles script.

    Note that it's a JXA Javascript. In Yosemite Script Editor you will need to choose 'Javascript' rather than 'Applescript' from the top left pull-down

When the script throws up a choose folder dialog, choose the folder containing the set of tagged OPML files

( These files could be exported from FoldingText @key(value) MD, or from OO3 columnar outlines, perhaps automatically by something like Hazel )


You will be offered a menu of custom perspectives, defined in the syntax of OS X 10.10's native NSXML XQuery 1.0.

Menu of perspectives

The results will be displayed in Marked 2.

Notes grouped by days and times

Linking back to the file containing a note

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