A library for common Qlikview Scripting tasks
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QlikView Components

A library for common QlikView Scripting tasks


Qlikview Components (Qvc) is a library of script subroutines and functions. The mission of Qlikview Components is:

Implement scripting best practices encapsulated by a simple and stable API. Improve the speed and quality of script development. Create common ground between script developers. QVC aims to serve the needs of the "big middle" of script tasks. Not the simple tasks, not the very complex tasks, but the garden variety common needs found in many scripts.

Getting Started

To get started using Qvc, download the latest distribution file from the Releases section. Unzip the distribution and open the readme file.


For how-to questions, discussing a possible enhancement, suggestions or general discussion, please use the User Forum.

To report a defect (bug) or request a specific enhancement, please use the Issues tracker.