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Releases: RobWunderlich/Qlikview-Components

Version 11.3

22 Aug 20:40
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  • This release is a rollup of bug fixes and compatabilty updates for QV12.
  • New routine, Qvc.DropTable. Credit to Stanislav Chernov.
  • Russian language corrections and various other fixes from Stanislav Chernov.
  • Qvc.Calender correction to future date variable from walteryiphk.
  • Qvc.DbExtract updated for syntax compatability with QV12.

Version 11.2

26 Jun 17:12
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  • Fixed issue 62, Qvc.IncrementalSetup script error when QVD not exists in QV12.10.
  • Added new routine, Qvc.ExportTables.
  • Removed variable Qvc.Global.v.QlikProduct as there is no reliable way to detect product during script execution.
  • Added "QVC Developer Mode On" button on Detail sheet to expose QVC developer objects. Note this is only meaningful to developers working on updating the source version of QVC.
  • Qvc.Calendar: Future dates (later than load date) are excluded from "to date" (such as YTD) set variables.
  • Fixed issue 61. Add option to Qvc.Icons to not Capitalize Icon filenames.
  • Fixed issue 58. Qvc.GetFieldValues error when tablename contains spaces.
  • Fixed issue 56. Qvc.Icons do not set custom field name.
  • Fixed issue 59. Error in Qvc_Incremental_Reload if 2nd parameter contains "." (dot).

Version 11.1

28 Oct 01:16
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  • Fixed issue 55 "vSetYTD not working as before".
  • Corrected "Date Range" chart in Qvc.CalendarFromField example file.

Version 11

20 Oct 01:20
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  • It is now possible to include the QVC Runtime directly from the github repository using http. Use the following script statement on a single line (ignore the line wrapping in this doc):


For language files:


  • New routines Qvc.ExportModel and Qvc.ImportModel.
    Qvc.ExportModel is used to export all current tables to a single QVD file. Qvc.ImportModel is used to re-import that QVD into a data model of multiple tables.
  • Additions to Qvc.Calendar and Qvc.CalendarFromField (Credit Mark Miller)
    Qvc.CalendarFromField has a new input variable: Qvc.Calendar.v.SparseDates. If set to true, dates missing from the input filed will not be populated in the Calendar table.
    New Calendar Set Analysis variables:
    vSetPreviousFULLMonth - the previous Full month. Not month-to-date
    vSetPreviousFULLMonthN – the month ago, specified by a parameter number.
    vSetRollingN – variable number of rolling months, specified by a parmeter.
  • Fixed Issue 52 , Issue 54, Issue 51. Qlik Sense V3. “QVC include fails if SET Qvc.Global.Extension.Directory is predefined”
  • Fixed Issue 50, “Issue with Qvc.LinkTable”
  • Fixed Issue 47 “QVC DBExtract: parameter UpdateFieldType is not actually used anywhere in the code”
  • Fixed Issue 43. Qvc.DbExtract, Tolerate lowercase for UniqueKey switch.
  • Fixed Issue 41. “DbExtract doesn't clean up all its variables”.
  • Fixed Issue 37. “Qvc_ExpandInterval Step Interval Parameter”. Qvc.ExpandInterval has an added parameter:
    o param 5 String. Optional. The value to be used to step the interval. One of 'DAY', 'HOUR', 'MINUTE', 'SECOND'.
  • Fixed Issue 35, Calendar Code Extension not working in Sense.
  • Fixed Issue 27. Qvc.IncrementalStore throws error when table name contains spaces.
  • Fixed Issue 51, Issue 54, Residual temp variables causing errors in Qlik Sense reload.

Version 10.2

24 Aug 18:21
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  • Closed Issue 25, Added a “Year-Quarter” field to Qvc.Calendar and Qvc.CalendarFromField.
  • Closed Issue 35, Calendar Code Extension not working in Sense.
  • Added Romanian (RO) Language file. (Credit to Cotiso Hanganu)
  • Started adding Qlik Sense examples.

Version 10.1

12 Mar 01:43
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  • Closed issue 23. Non-English characters not supported in log file. (Thanks to Alkopfer)
  • Qvc.Log -- New variable Qvc.Log.v.WriteToQvLog, indicated if the logging should also be written to the QlikView/Sense application log file and script progress window.
  • Closed issue 24. Qvc.IncrementalSetup failing when QVD exists but is empty. (Thanks for Luca Jonathan Panetta)
  • Qvc.SegmentedStore -- New segment type of 'day' added to create daily QVDs.