@RobWunderlich RobWunderlich released this Jun 26, 2017 · 18 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed issue 62, Qvc.IncrementalSetup script error when QVD not exists in QV12.10.
  • Added new routine, Qvc.ExportTables.
  • Removed variable Qvc.Global.v.QlikProduct as there is no reliable way to detect product during script execution.
  • Added "QVC Developer Mode On" button on Detail sheet to expose QVC developer objects. Note this is only meaningful to developers working on updating the source version of QVC.
  • Qvc.Calendar: Future dates (later than load date) are excluded from "to date" (such as YTD) set variables.
  • Fixed issue 61. Add option to Qvc.Icons to not Capitalize Icon filenames.
  • Fixed issue 58. Qvc.GetFieldValues error when tablename contains spaces.
  • Fixed issue 56. Qvc.Icons do not set custom field name.
  • Fixed issue 59. Error in Qvc_Incremental_Reload if 2nd parameter contains "." (dot).