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An implementation of qlik-sse, a Qlik Server Side Extension written in Javascript. The aim of this implementation is to allow for adding functions through a plugin directory.

This is an experimental project intended to explore creation of a "community contributed" Qlik Server Side Extension (SSE). The SSE feature in Qlik is very useful, but it's possible that over time customers may end up running and managing a number of different SSE tasks. This projects aims to explore if a repository of common SSE functions can be developed and deployed.

Project Structure


Contains functions to be added to the server. Each function is written as an individual .js files. Subdirectories are allowed.

The functions must export the following symbols:

Functions should catch any potential errors. An uncaught error may terminate the entire server task.

Read more about writing functions in the qlik-sse doc

Running the Server

Configure the SSE in your Qlik installation by following these instructions

node index.js [options]

startup options:

  • --allowScript=true enable inline script execution.
  • --port n specify server port. Default is 50051.

Configuring Mail

If you wish to use functions that send mail, you must configure the nodemailer properties.

  1. Rename or copy /lib/mail/sample-mailOptions.js to mailOptions.js.
  2. In mailOptions.js, configure SMTP host, port and authentication and other properties as required.

Function Documentation

Generated documenation of individual functions may be found here


Contributions are welcome. Please fork the project and submit a PR.

I'm particularly looking for contributions of:

  • New functions
  • Convenience classes or restructing ideas that make implementing new function easier or more robust.


Implementation of qlik-sse that provides for functions as plugins






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