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Rusty Z-Wave

The rzw crate provides a native functionality to control a Z-Wave network over a USB Z-Wave dongle. It's completely written in Rust to ensure safety and performance.


The rzw crate depends on the serial create, which is compatible with Windows and any Unix operating system that implements the termios API. The following platforms are confirmed to be compatible:

  • Linux (x86_64, armv6l)
  • OS X (x86_64)
  • FreeBSD (amd64)
  • OpenBSD (amd64)
  • Windows (x86_64) Compiling the rzw crate requires Rust 1.9 or later.


Add rzw as a dependency in Cargo.toml:

rzw = { git = "" }

Use the rzw::Controller as starting point to communicate, with the Z-Wave network.

extern crate rzw;

fn main() {
    // Access the zwave network
    let zwave = rzw::open("/dev/tty.usbmodem1411").unwrap();

    // get all node ids
    let nodes = zwave.nodes();

    // loop over the nodes
    for node in nodes {
        // print the available command classes for each node
        println!("{:?}" zwave.node(node).map(|n| n.get_commands()));

        // set the basic value on all nodes
        // for binary switch this means, turn them on
        zwave.node(node_id).map(|n| n.basic_set(0xFF)).unwrap();



  • To the serial-rs team - who made this crate possible.


Copyright © 2016 Robert Schütte

Distributed under the MIT License.

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