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DOMination is a fully-functional DOM manipulation library, written entirely in native Javascript. Specifically, it is inspired by the functionality of jQuery.

Core $l functionality

Like jQuery, the core function can serve a number of purposes. It can

  • create an HTML element from a string, such as <li>
  • find a DOM element on the page via a CSS selector
  • coerce an object into a custom DomNodeCollection


Much of jQuery's functionality has been implemented using only native JavaScript, wrapped in functions like so:

Functionality includes:

  • adding/removing/toggling CSS classes
  • getting/setting CSS properties
  • finding other HTML elements in a parent node's descendants
  • adding/removing event listeners


on(eventType, callback) {
  this.each( el => {
    el.addEventListener(eventType, callback);

    const eventKey = `eventKey-${eventType}`;
    if (typeof el[eventKey] === "undefined") { el[eventKey] = []; }

children() {
  let children = [];
  this.each( el => children = children.concat(Array.from(el.children)));

  return new DomNodeCollection(children);

AJAX and Document Ready

Document ready callbacks are stored in a queue and dispatched accordingly. Basic AJAX requests can be made using $l.ajax(options).

Implementation Example: JawaScript

Jawascript is a simple app made entirely using DOMination. It uses a public Star Wars API to give users much-needed info on obscure Star Wars details.