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My personal website, built with React
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Personal Website

This is a repository of my personal website, built with React (create-react-app), Gatsby, and deployed with a static server on Scaleway.

It's a very simple website with a few pages, and it should be updated regularly.

Some key dependencies that this project makes use of are:

  • Gatsby. A framework for building static react apps with simple server-side rendering, and a good starter for learning good
    React design pracitises.

  • React styled-components. I use styled-components a lot in this website. It allows me to apply CSS directly to components, and it comes with a SASS-like preprocessor, which allows me to define CSS for child elements

  • Material-UI. Currently implementing this for the Navbar (i.e. AppBar, a la material-ui) This UI is beautiful and extensible, and has many advantages over bootstrap, which is what is being phased out of my website.

In the near future, I want to make this website smoother with animations.

Then I want to start making open source contributions to cool projects, and showcase the contributions on this website.

Then I want a GUI to make updates to, so I can make changes without having to modify the code, perhaps with Gatsby or Wordpress?

Features to come

  • Make sure CI runs on a per-commit level

  • Work on issues

  • Potential for CMS integrated into gatsby?

  • Add awesome videos of me playing music

    • Some to process on my phone
  • 'Project' contribution page for contributed work on open source projects


  • Animations:

    • Elastic ends of pages for mobile
    • Smoother transitions on photos, embedded content
    • Loading animation on pages
  • ssh with auto certificate renewal

  • Blog integration

  • Review nav menu -- too generic?

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