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#requires -version 2
Moves files which have not been modified in 4 or more years, copies them to secondary storage and creates a symlink
Scans a particular directory, and all subdirectories for files that haven't been modified in 4 years. Any detected
files are moved to a secondary storage location, and a symlink is created to the new file location.
Version: 1.0
Author: Robbie Crash
Written: 2014-02-13
Version Notes: Initial script.
REQUIRES: This script requires that you set SymlinkEvaluation to allow transversal across disks.
You can do this by opening an admin command prompt and running the following command:
fsutil behavior set SymlinkEvaluation r2r:1
You can verify this worked by running:
fsutil behavior query SymlinkEvaluation
This behaviour can also be set via GPO:
Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > File System:
Selectively allow the evaluation of a symbolic link
Then set "Remote to Remote" to Enabled.
It requires the PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) module be imported to hash the
It requires the symlink module to create the symlinks.
To Do: Update to version 5+ PowerShell and use builtin Get-FileHash, and New-Item -Symlink
[string]$Dir = "",
[string]$ArchiveDrive = ""
if ($ArchiveDrive -eq ""){
$hostname = hostname
$ArchiveDrive = "\\Archives\"+$hostname+"\"+$Dir[0]+"\"
import-module PSCX
import-module new-symlink
$FileList = @()
$SourceDrive = $dir[0] + ":\"
$date = Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd
$ErrLog = "C:\ErrorLog $date.txt"
$DelLog = "C:\DelLog $date.txt"
$PathWarning = "C:\_PROBLEMS DETECTED.txt"
function BuildLists($dir){
$FileList = @()
$DirList = (dir $dir -recurse)
foreach ($item in $DirList){
if ( ((get-date).Subtract($item.LastWriteTime).Days-gt 1460) -eq $True) {
$FileList += $item
else {write-verbose "$item is modified recently"}
return $FileList
function CheckPathLength($file){
if ($File.FullName.Length -ge 220){
copy $PathWarning $File.DirectoryName}
function ArchiveFile($SourceFile){
$DestFile = ($SourceFile.fullname.replace($SourceDrive, $ArchiveDrive))
$DestDir = ($SourceFile.DirectoryName.replace($SourceDrive, $ArchiveDrive))
mkdir -Path $DestDir 2>$ErrLog
copy $SourceFile.FullName $DestFile
function HashCheckFile($SourceFile){
$DestFile = $SourceFile.FullName.replace($SourceDrive, $ArchiveDrive)
$SourceHash = get-hash($SourceFile.fullname)
$DestHash = get-hash("$DestFile")
return $SourceHash.HashString -eq $DestHash.HashString
function DeleteFIle($File){
del $file.fullname
function LinkFile($Sourcefile){
$SourceFilePath = $Sourcefile.fullname
$DestFile = ($sourcefilepath.replace($SourceDrive, $ArchiveDrive))
New-Symlink -path $DestFile $SourceFile.fullname -file 1>$errlog
function CheckPathLength($file){
if ($File.FullName.Length -ge 220){
copy $PathWarning $File.DirectoryName}
function ReplicateFile($file){
if ($file.Attributes -eq "Directory"){continue}
if (HashCheckFile($File)){
function Archive($FileList){
foreach ($File in $FileList){
function RunArchiving($dir){
$FileList = BuildLists($dir)
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