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The RegExRouter is a simple regular expression based router object. It finds the first route that matches the request.url string.

To create a simple router, use the following syntax:

var router = new fw.RegExRouter(friendlyname);

The friendlyname argument is an optional string, and only really used for console logging purposes.

Adding routes is done using the addRoute() method:

router.addRoute(path, stack, destination);

Where path is a regular expression object that matches a route, such as /^\/images/i, stack is a Stack object, and destination is a function which accepts the usual request and response arguments.

Paths are matched on a first added basis, so if you added /^\// as your first path, no additional routes will be matched since /^\// effectively matches all routes.

Creating a server is done in the same way as SimpleRouter

Simple Example

This example creates a regex router and adds routes for a few static paths, and the root path. All these routes are sent through the yourstack Stack to the yourfunc Function.

var router = new fw.RegExRouter("My First WebApp");

router.addRoute(/^\/images\/[a-z]\.jpg$/i, yourstack, yourfunc);
router.addRoute(/^\/images/i, yourstack, yourfunc);
router.addRoute(/^\//, yourstack, yourfunc);

router.listen(true, 8080);

function yourfunc(request, response)
    response.writeHead(200, { "Content-Type": "text/plain");