Simple HTML5 forest racing game! It'll be a real sport one day, you just watch...
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Forest Racer

A fast paced speed game in pure HTML5, best played in Chrome, as of the time of writing anyway.


This game is released under the GNU General Public License v3:


Er, unzip and run the HTML file? Or you can enjoy it online at:


Best played on Chrome! It runs fast enough on other browsers, but the sound doesn't work as well, or at all.

As this was my entry for the 13K Javascript games competition, don't expect the best game ever. Just under half of it is the sound and tree graphic, which doesn't leave a lot of room for too much fancy shenanigans. :)

Anyway, you are in some sort of racing vehicle, probably a motorbike. And you are driving in a forest, avoid the trees and get the best score you can before you either die or reach the end of the 13th level.

S - Start the game A - Accelerate Z - Decelerate N - Steer Left M - Steer Right

Sorry to left handers, I think I ran out of room to add configurable options, but you could always change the keycodes in the source!

As the levels increase, so do the amount of trees. Your score is based not just on how long you last, but also how fast you drive, so whack that pedal to the metal and the thing to the floor for best points!

You also get bonus points for reaching the end of the final level.

Easter Egg

Press Y to toggle some uninteresting debug info.


The game competition: My website: