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Lara: Laravel project generator

Laravel is my favorite PHP framework. It has a great bundle called Bob used to generate code (controllers, models, etc) from the command line in a similar way to fire. However, it lacks a tool to generate new projects. That's where Lara comes in.

DISCLAIMER: In order to use Lara on Windows, you need to use a Unix Terminal Emulator like Cygwin, MinGW or Git Bash.


As a requirement, you obviously need to have PHP installed. You also need to have php in your $PATH so that you can run php from the command line.


The first thing to do is to clone Lara. Clone it anywhere you want; For this example I will clone it in ~/Sandbox/Lara.

git clone ~/Sandbox/Lara

Next, you need to add the following alias to your .bashrc, .bash_profile, .zshrc, or the like.

alias lara="php $HOME/Sandbox/Lara/lara"


Bootstrapping Lara

By default, Lara will clone the latest sstable version of Laravel eveytime you create a new project. To avoid waiting, you need to bootstrap Lara. What this will do, is clone Laravel in the same directory as the lara executable. The next time you run lara, it will copy that sample Laravel project instead of cloning a fresh copy. Obviously, you can bootstrap Lara again to get the latest stable version of Laravel. To bootstrap Lara, run the following command:

lara --bootstrap

Changing the Laravel repository

If you want to clone your own version of Laravel when bootstrapping Lara, edit the lara executable. Find the line:

'repository' => 'laravel/laravel',

Change the laravel/laravel portion to your own repository in the form user/repository or organisation/repository. For example, if I want to use the AzizLight/laravel repository, I would change the line as follows:

'repository' => 'AzizLight/laravel`,

Creating a new project

To create a new Laravel project using Lara, just supply a project name to lara:

lara MyProject

To force Lara to clone a fresh copy of Laravel, pass the --force-clone argument:

lara MyProject --force-clone

By default, Lara adds the Bob bundle to any new project. To create a new Laravel project without any bundles, use the --no-bundles argument:

lara MyProject --no-bundles

Adding your own bundles

As mentioned above, Lara adds the Bob bundle to any new project by default. You can add other bundles to the list of included bundles. To do that, edit the lara executable, and find the following line:

'bundles' => array('bob'),

Add bundles to the array. For instance, if you want to add the Anbu bundle:

'bundles' => array('bob', 'anbu'),