A stand-alone web version of fire.
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WebFire is a stand-alone web version of fire.


Using fire (recommended)

Using fire is the recommended way to install WebFire. Once you installed fire, navigate to the root of your CodeIgniter project and run the following command:

fire web install

That's it!


Copy the contents of the folders to right location. So the fire folder in the controllers folder should go in the controllers folder of your application. The assets folder should be copied as-is in the root of your application (where the index.php file is). The directory structure of your application should look similar to this after installing WebFire:

WebFire Directory Structure

Also make sure to add an encryption key to the config file (application/config/config.php). You can find a good encryption key generator here.


Navigate to the fire/generate controller, ie: http://example.com/index.php/fire/generate and navigate through the links to create controllers, models or migrations.