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👨 Profile

Hi, I'm Robert Broersma. I create clean, accessible, and performant websites and webapps. My favourite tools are React, Next.js and Node.js.

🌐Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (UTC+2)


🚧 Recent Side Projects

All side projects developed and designed by me!

Design and print your own map posters.


Easily find vegan recipes from awesome chefs

Built with Blitz.js (Next.js, Prisma and Vercel

Big Heads

Randomly Generated Characters for Your Apps & Games

Built with Gatsby, Netlify Functions and many SVGs

Next Storefront

A dazzlingly fast E-Commerce solution built with Typescript and Next.js. Designed and bootstrapped briefly before Vercel released their own E-Commerce solution.

Built with Next.js, Shopify, Stripe and react-query.

Spoonful Shop

A fast and modern webshop for an Amsterdam based chocolate spread company.

Built with Next.js, Stripe and Netlify.

Chord Trainer

This is a small web app I created to practice chords on a piano. It works with Web MIDI Api and lets you connect a MIDI piano!

Built with React and XState

Statik UI

A copy-paste UI kit for developers to quickly create pages in any environment.

Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

🎓 Education

BSc. Creative Technology, University of Twente, Enschede

August 2011 — August 2014
Bachelors degree about how to use new tech to create real world applications that enrich the user's life in a fun or serious way.

MSc. Game Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

August 2014 — August 2015
Master's degree in Game Theory, Serious Games and Gamification.

💼 Employment History

Freelance Front End Developer at VodafoneZiggo, Utrecht

June 2018 — June 2020
Vodafone is merging with Ziggo (a dutch TV/Phone/Internet provider) and they needed a new online shop. We've built a complex shopping basket in React and Redux. I was involved in making architectural decisions and helping junior developers in the team. During this time I also developed a keen interest in test-driven development.

Freelance Front End Developer at Ticombo, Remote

August 2017 — December 2017 Ticombo is a ticket-marketplace startup. Their app is built using Angular (4+), and I worked here for a while to support their in-house (but remote) development team. It was great to experience working in a fully remote team with people from all over the world.

Freelance Front End Developer at Deutsche Glasfaser, Hilversum

September 2017 — December 2017 At this small telecom company from Germany I redesigned and developed their Smart TV/Android/iPhone App for watching TV over internet. They were using Google Closure for the app, and so did I.

Freelance Front End Developer at Vodafone, Amsterdam

November 2016 — April 2017 At Vodafone I've worked in their online shop team for a while, squashing bugs, developing new features and making some architectural changes to the codebase. Using mostly HTML/CSS, Grunt, LESS and SASS.

Freelance Full Stack Developer at Rijkswaterstaat, Utrecht

March 2016 — May 2016
For the ministry of infrastructure and water management I developed a user interface for one of their database utilities used in construction. This was my first job using (at the time) a modern web framework: AngularJS. In the backend I used Neo4j, as their datamodel represented a graph.

Freelance Front End Developer at CHUNK - Digital Agency, Amsterdam

2015 — 2019
From this point onward I have been working as a freelance developer. At this digital agency I further developed my specialization in front end development using mostly HTML, LESS and SASS and good old jQuery. Various small projects over the course of 4 years.

Front End Developer at Wirelab - Digital Agency, Amsterdam

2013 — 2014
At this digital agency is where I unknowingly started specializing in front end development. I mostly used vanilla HTML and CSS.

Full Stack Developer at Twente Academy, Enschede

2012 — 2013
A small business, run by the university, that provides tutoring to high school students. I worked on their custom management software in PHP/Zend Framework. This was my first programming gig!

💯 My favourite tools

  • React
  • Remix
  • Next.js / Blitz
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Prisma
  • Netlify
  • Vercel
  • Cloudflare
  • Jest
  • Cypress


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