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👨 Profile

Hi, I'm Robert Broersma. I create clean, accessible, and performant websites and webapps. My favourite tools are React, Next.js and Gatsby.

🌐Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (UTC+2)
☎️Phone: +31610504568


🚧 Recent Side Projects

Big Heads

Randomly Generated Characters for Your Apps & Games

Built with Gatsby, Netlify Functions and a lot of SVGs

Chord Trainer

This is a small web app I created to practice chords on a piano. It works with Web MIDI Api and lets you connect a MIDI piano!

Built with React and XState

Statik UI (Coming Soon)

A copy-paste UI kit for developers to quickly create pages in any environment.

Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

🎓 Education

BSc. Creative Technology, University of Twente, Enschede

August 2011 — August 2014
Bachelors degree about how to use new tech to create real world applications that enrich the user's life in a fun or serious way.

MSc. Game Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

August 2014 — August 2015
Master's degree in Game Theory, Serious Games and Gamification.

💼 Employment History

Full Stack Developer at Twente Academy, Enschede

2012 — 2013
A small business, run by the university, that provides tutoring to high school students. I worked on their custom management software in PHP/Zend Framework. This was my first programming gig!

Front End Developer at Wirelab - Digital Agency, Amsterdam

2013 — 2014
At this digital agency is where I unknowingly started specializing in front end development. I mostly used vanilla HTML and CSS.

Freelance Front End Developer at CHUNK - Digital Agency, Amsterdam

2015 — 2019
From this point onward I have been working as a freelance developer. At this digital agency I further developed my specialization in front end development using mostly HTML, LESS and SASS and good old jQuery. Various small projects over the course of 4 years.

Freelance Full Stack Developer at Rijkswaterstaat, Utrecht

March 2016 — May 2016
For the ministry of infrastructure and water management I developed a user interface for one of their database utilities used in construction. This was my first job using (at the time) a modern web framework: AngularJS. In the backend I used Neo4j, as their datamodel represented a graph.

Freelance Front End Developer at Vodafone, Amsterdam

November 2016 — April 2017 At Vodafone I've worked in their online shop team for a while, squashing bugs, developing new features and making some architectural changes to the codebase. Using mostly HTML/CSS, Grunt, LESS and SASS.

Freelance Front End Developer at Deutsche Glasfaser, Hilversum

September 2017 — December 2017 At this small telecom company from Germany I redesigned and developed their Smart TV/Android/iPhone App for watching TV over internet. They were using Google Closure for the app, and so did I.

Freelance Front End Developer at Ticombo, Remote

August 2017 — December 2017 Ticombo is a ticket-marketplace startup. Their app is built using Angular (4+), and I worked here for a while to support their in-house (but remote) development team. It was great to experience working in a fully remote team with people from all over the world.

Freelance Front End Developer at VodafoneZiggo, Utrecht

June 2018 — June 2020
Vodafone is merging with Ziggo (a dutch TV/Phone/Internet provider) and they needed a new online shop. We've built a complex shopping basket in React and Redux. I was involved in making architectural decisions and helping junior developers in the team.

💯 My favourite tools

  • React (+ Gatsby or Next.js)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Prisma
  • RedwoodJS
  • BlitzJS
  • Netlify
  • Vercel


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