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Patch to add BeagleBone userspace SPI support #3

merged 2 commits into from Mar 21, 2012

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I've created a patch file that adds BeagleBone userspace SPI support. This has been successfully tested on my BeagleBone with the loopback test spidev_test.c.

With help from:

SPI working on the Beagleboard XM rev C
BeagleBone userspace SPI interface (spidev) patch - I was unable to apply the patch at the beginning of this discussion


Hi Chris, this looks good, I'll pull/push it out in a little bit.. can i get your ["Signed-off-by:" name < email > ] then I'll tweak the diff and push it out, and then koen can easily also pull it into angstrom..



Please use: Chris Richards

Thanks for your linux_dev scripts, been really helpful.

@RobertCNelson RobertCNelson merged commit a1de94e into RobertCNelson:am33x-v3.2 Mar 21, 2012

Hi Chris, i just pushed your patchs out along with a few more merged from the arago tree.. The builders are working on it now to so "v3.2-psp6" should be out for all users in a day or two. ;) The /dev/spidev* showed up just fine on my a3/dvi bone. Good timing to, this will be the default image used next week for the monthly re-fresh..



Thanks Robert, I've updated and built v3.2-psp6 this morning, and verified /dev/spidev* is present and working. :-)

How will I know when it has been pulled into Angstrom? And how would I go about adding it to my local build of Angrstrom?


For anyone else interested, I have written a blog post about this patch:

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