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add test parmeters

Signed-off-by: Robert Nelson <>
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1 parent 0d02c01 commit 630320d8d91c0c4af3106e1ec54e79e39dce85c2 @RobertCNelson committed Nov 18, 2011
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+Test Parameters:
+./ --mmc /dev/sdd --uboot beagle --distro oneiric
+No (keyboard)
+English (US) (keyboard)
+English (US) (keyboard)
+eth0: Ethernet
+Proxy (Blank unless you have a local file proxy apt-cacher-ng)
+Yes (no kernel modules were found)
+Guided - use the largest continuous free space
+#creates : Partition #5 on mmcblk0 as ext4
+#creates : Partition #6 on mmcblk0 as swap
+yes - write changes to disk
+Full Name:
+ReEnter Pass:
+Use Weak: Yes
+Encrypt: No
+No automatic updates
+Software Selection (selected none) <Continue>

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