Finalization substitute based on a Phantom Reference queue.
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Finalization substitute and cache assistance based on a reference queues and the Java Executor concurrency structure.

(If you don't know why finalize() is pretty much worthless (bordering on evil), then let me Google that for you.)

Example Use Cases

  • Delete files when an object is garbage collected
  • Return objects to a cache when they are no longer being used
  • Close streams and other I/O resources when they fall out of scope


include com.smokejumperit.cleanSweep.Sweeper;

/* ... */

Sweeper s = new Sweeper();
s.onGC(someObjectToTrack, new Runnable() {
	public void run() {
		/* Implement behavior to perform on garbage collection here */

s.onWeakGC(someObjectToTrack, new Sweeper.SweepAction<SomeObjectToTracksType>() {
	public void run() {
		/* Implement behavior to perform when the object is softly reachable here */
		/* The object can be retrieved by calling getTarget(). */


  • Sane concurrency configuration provided by default, or override it with your favorite Executor or ThreadFactory.

  • Execute code on garbage collection or right before garbage collection (weakly reachable).

  • Ability to register a shutdown hook, whether or not to do background sweeping, and different strategies for sweeping.

  • Extremely simple API.

Proper Usage

  • Check out this code.

  • Execute ./gradlew clean jar javadoc in the root directory of the project.

  • The jar and the JavaDoc are under ./build/libs and ./build/docs/javadoc, respectively.

  • Enjoy.

Lazy Usage

  • Pull down the jar directly from GitHub.

  • Use your favorite code inspector to see the documentation for com.smokejumperit.cleanSweep.Sweeper.

  • Enjoy.

Usage Notes

  • MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HOLD ONTO A REFERENCE OF THE TARGET IN THE HANDLER. Your handler counts as a root, so if you are holding onto a reference to the object that you want to get garbage collected, it will never get garbage collected and your code will never be executed.

  • If you really don't want to use any kind of threading for some reason, then just pass the trivial Executor that calls on the tasks. Be sure to disable background threading through the (Executor,boolean) constructor, though, or your main thread will block forever.

  • If you allow background sweeping to happen or register the shutdown hook, you can actually let the Sweeper go out of scope. It won't be garbage collected, though, and any background thread will simply block indefinitely, so I suggest against spawning a bunch of them in a loop. A future version of this may have one static background thread and would detect when the Sweeper itself is garbage collected, but that's future fanciness.


See ./