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JavaCC Compiler Plugin for Gradle

Provides the ability to use JavaCC and JJTree via Gradle. It plugs JavaCC and JJTree directly into the standard Gradle compile system, producing bytecode the same way the Java plugin does.


Add the following lines to your build.gradle script:

// See RobertFischer/gradle-scripts
apply from:''

apply plugin:com.smokejumperit.gradle.compiler.JavaccPlugin

// Uncomment the next line if you also want JJTree
// apply plugin:com.smokejumperit.gradle.compiler.JJTreePlugin 

buildscript {
	repositories {
	dependencies {
		classpath 'RobertFischer:gradle-javacc-plugin:'


Place your JavaCC code into ./src/main/javacc. If you have source sets other than main (if you don't know what that means, you don't), then replace main with the name of the source set. The generated code plus any other Java files will end up in ./build/javacc-gen/main, and will be compiled as part of the Java compile.

To use JJTree, place JJTree code into ./src/main/jjtree, and it is generated into ./build/jjtree-gen/main, and compiled with the normal JavaCC compile. Due to the magic of transitivity, the generated JavaCC code is itself generated and compiled as part of the Java compile.

Java files beside (or beneath) JavaCC/JJTree files, and JavaCC files beside (or beneath) JJTree files are also processed. This is intended as a convenience for those who were using the JavaCC plugin.



Update to support Gradle 1.0 and the new 0.0.5 compiler-base plugin. Substantially less code in this plugin than before.


In the 0.0.1 version, running gradle classes; gradle classes would fail because the up-to-date compileJavacc task prevented the source for compileJava from being updated. The 0.0.2 version attempted to fix this, but that fix failed with customized source directories (the source for compileJava was updated before the source directory customization was applied). This fixes it the right way, if in a bit of overkill. Also, added this changelog.