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@RobertHilbrich RobertHilbrich released this Oct 5, 2018 · 35 commits to master since this release

Design Space Exploration Updates:

  • Better "New Specification Wizard" - now with preselection of selected folders
  • Added custom metrics for design space exploration
  • Added toolbar icon for the design space exploration
  • Added capability to generate a mapping specification out of the design space exploration specification
  • Specification formatter for DSE is working
  • Added automatic evaluation of DSE candidates

Mapping Updates:

  • Redesign of the mapping view - improved usability
  • Outline now contains restrictions
  • Added export functionality to ARXML system configurations
  • Added export functionality to APP4MC/Amalthea models

Scheduling Updates:

  • Added deadline specifications for tasks
  • Mapping restriction now allow task references as well
  • Allow long hyperperiods
  • Redesign of the scheduling view - improved usability
  • Add scheduling restrictions (disjoint execution, ...)

Technical / Platform Updates:

  • Updates to Choco Solver 4.0.8
  • Updates to Eclipse 2018-09
  • Added proper launcher icons (again)
  • Created a new workspace default folder
  • Several bugfixes
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@RobertHilbrich RobertHilbrich released this May 26, 2018 · 230 commits to master since this release

New Features:

  • General:

    • Improved documentation in the online wiki
    • Online help with browser in ASSIST
    • New application icons for all platforms
    • New preferences menu
    • Updated libraries from Eclipse Orbit project
    • Unified model for design space exploration, mapping, scheduling
    • Linux: ASSIST will no longer ship a JRE - please have a Java Runtime Environment 8.x installed
  • Mapping:

    • Added the ability to require arbitrary hardware features (see wiki)
    • Auto-formatting for input specifications
    • Export of a mapping result to a plain text file
    • Export of a mapping result as a new scheduling problem
    • Custom properties for mapping result evaluation now work properly
    • Mapping of software components can now be restricted to certain hardware elements
    • Custom metrics for result evaluation work properly
    • Basic importer for AMALTHEA 0.9.0 models
  • Scheduling:

    • Significant improvement to default scheduling strategy (similar to rate monotonic scheduling)
    • Execution order between tasks (dependency) can be specified (see wiki)
    • Added proper usage of shared IO adapters
    • Auto-formatting for input specifications
    • Tasks can now get a custom color to simplify their identification in a gantt chart
    • Export of scheduling result to a plain text file
    • Basic importer for AMALTHEA 0.9.0 models
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@RobertHilbrich RobertHilbrich released this Mar 12, 2018 · 439 commits to master since this release

Major new features:

  • Design Space Exploration
    • Modeling of alternatives
    • Modeling of exploration candidates
    • UI elements
  • Mapping
    • Dissimilarity constrains
    • Tabular and graphical view of mapping solutions
    • Generation of scheduling problems out of mapping solutions
  • Scheduling
    • Generation of static schedules is working
    • Periodicity types "fixed" and "flexible" are implemented
    • Tasks can have a color for the Ganttchart
  • Misc
    • Minor fixes (missing icons)
    • Minor UI additions
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@RobertHilbrich RobertHilbrich released this Oct 13, 2017 · 688 commits to master since this release

Major features:

  • Customized metrics
  • Default now includes a working example
  • Dislocality constraint is working
  • Improved shortcuts
  • Disabled unwanted wizards
  • Minor fixes (missing icons)
  • Added restarts to solution search
  • Added the option to prevent similar / identical solutions
  • Minor UI additions
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@RobertHilbrich RobertHilbrich released this Sep 15, 2017 · 713 commits to master since this release

This is an interim release of ASSIST to show the current status. It is by all means not feature complete.

Stuff that happened after 2.0.x release:

  • Move to new infrastructure (Java8, Eclipse Oxygen, Xtext 2.10.x, Choco 4.x)
  • Removed some parts (JavaFX) in favor of new parts (SWTChart)
  • General refactoring for modeling improvements
  • Working constraints: core utilization, colocality, system hierarchy, ram capacities, rom capacities
  • Added a working version of built-in metrics to evaluate and assess results
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