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2010-06-16 Eric Maupin <>
* Elements.cs: Added support on FloatElement for an optional
caption (default is still no caption).
* Reflect.cs: Added [Range] optional captions support.
2010-06-18 Eric Maupin <>
* Element.cs: EntryElement: Fixed an error with FetchValue
if the text field hadn't yet been generated.
StringElement: SelectionStyle is only blue when there's a
tap handler registered.
2010-06-17 Eric Maupin <>
* Reflect.cs: EntryAttribute: Removed placeholder requirement
and added KeyboardType support.
2010-05-16 Miguel de Icaza <>
* DialogViewController.cs (StartSearch, FinishSearch,
PerformFilter): Made public these methods. They allow consumers
to start, stop and trigger a filter operation programatically.
(OnSearchTextChanged): New virtual method that subclasses can hook
up into to check for changes in the search bar.
(SearchTextChanged): Event to listen to changes in the search.
(Selected): New virtual method that actually dispatches to the
Selected method in the element. This wasy subclasses can catch
the Selected method without having to hook up hundreds of
* Element.cs (Section.Insert): the overload that takes an
IEnumerable now returns the number of items that were inserted.
(Section.Remove): Add new overload to remove an element from the
(RootElement): New constructor that can take a function that
creates the nested DialogViewController, this prevents code from
having to derive a new class just to push a new kind of