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Task-Specific Interval Timer
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Interval Timer

This is a context-specific interval timer, initially created for timing of Guitar practice sessions. You can enter a schedule and receive notifications as each interval on the schedule completes, as well as task-specific hints for each interval. For example, in a guitar context, hints may include scale references or chords, tabs, etc.

Try it here.


General features

  • Support UI for updating schedule without needing to modify CSVs (+CSV export).
  • More subtle custom color scheme, maybe using Bulma.
  • Improve documentation around the CSV schedule, hinting for supported options by feature class.
  • Basic support for some non-Guitar feature class, to ensure multiple feature classes work.
  • Allow sub-intervals.


  • README with instructions :)
  • Decompose some classes to more basic components.
  • Add tests.
  • Support cellphone form factors.
  • Web workers.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • ARIA support.


  • Add more scales.
  • Add more chords. Support multiple chord representations.
  • Support visual representation of barres for chords.
  • Find good TAB format and display tabs.
  • Allow fretboard rotation and support for left-handed mode.
  • Prettier rendering of notes on fretboard.
  • Show notes in scales on fretboard. Show scale degrees and spellings.
  • Metronome?
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