Advanced HID driver for Logitech devices on Linux
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Extended Linux Logitech HID driver

This driver extends the default HID driver of the Linux kernel. For Logitech
devices it add supports for reading and writing some attributes for different
devices. The specifics per device will be described in their own section.
One, for now, common feature among the supported devices is being able to read
the battery levels. All the attributes, including the battery level, are exported
using there own sysfs entry. These entries are placed under there already
existing device entry. The easiest way to find them is in /sys/bus/hid/devices
where all the HID devices are placed.

1. Build the modules (make)
2. Install the modules (make install)
3. Run depmod
4. Manually insert the module(s) for the device to use using modprobe. The core
module doesn't have to be loaded manually as it will happen automaticly

If the attributes aren't created it means another driver is already
connected to the device (most likely, this would be the generic-usb driver).
This means the device should first be unbind from the old (in use) driver and
bind to this new driver. To solve this problem you can rebuild the kernels hid
module and place the needed hid_device_ids on the hid_ignore_list, or the
easier, but not permantent, solution is to run the provided lg_bind script.

One module can add support for more than one driver. The hid-logitech-mx5500
module exposes 3 drivers, "Logitech MX5500 Receiver" for the receiver of the
MX5500 desktopset, "Logitech MX5500" for the MX5500 keyboard (connected using
bluetooth, when using the receiver it's handeld automaticly) and
"Logitech MX Revolution" for the MX Revolution mouse provided with the MX5500
desktopset (again when connected using bluetooth and the automatic handling
when using the receiver). The hid-logitech-vx-revolution module only contains
the driver for the VX Revolution mouse using the "Logitech VX Revolution"

Supported attributes:
- Reading the battery level in per cent (battery)
- Reading the page number of the currently active LCD page (lcd_page). This
only works after it has been changed at least one time, otherwise it will
display 0
- Reading and writing the current time as displayed on the LCD display (time).
The format is hour:minute:second
- Reading and writing the current date as displayed on the LCD display (date).
The format is year month day. The year shouldn't contain the century, thus
should only be 11 for 2011
- Reading the name of the device (name). This could be used for the automatic
reading of some values and the name should be displayed

MX revolution
Supported attributes:
- Reading the battery level in per cent (battery)
- Reading and writing the scrollmode (scrollmode)

Setting the scrollmode
When setting the scroll mode there are a lot of options. Every option is
specified as an integer and all the values should be separated by a space.
The first option is the mode. These could be:

- 1 Switch immediately to freespin
- 2 Switch immediately to click-to-click
- 3 Switch to freespin when the scrollwheel is moved
- 4 Switch to click-to-click when the scrollwheel is moved
- 5 Switch automaticly between freespin and click-to-click based on the
- 6 Unused (will yield an error)
- 7 Use one button to switch to freespin and another to switch to
- 8 Toggle between freespin and click-to-click using a single button

After the mode there is an option to set the mode to temporarily or default.
0 means temporarily and 1 means default after power on. This option is
optional for the first four modes and defaults to 0 temporarily.

When using the automatic mode, 5, two options can be specified. The first is
for the number of clicks when scrolling up to switch to freespin, and the
second for the number of clicks when scrolling down. The second value can be
omitted and defaults to the first value. The click speed should be between
1 and 50.

When using the button toggle mode, 8, only one extra option must be specified.
The button number. When using the button switch mode, 7, two extra options must
be specified. The first is the button to switch to freespin, the second to
switch to click-to-click.

Button numbers
-  1 left button (can't be used)
-  2 right button (can't be used)
-  3 middle (wheel) button
-  4 rear thumb button
-  5 front thumb button
-  6 find button
-  7 wheel left tilt
-  8 wheel right tilt
-  9 side wheel forward
- 11 side wheel backward
- 13 side wheel pressed

MX5500 bluetooth receiver
At the moment the bluetooth receiver doesn't have any attributes. It's only use is
making a distiction between the connected devices. The MX5500 keyboard, when
connected, will put its attributes in a keyboard subdirectory. The MX revolution
mouse does the same thing, but puts its attributes in a mouse subdirectory.

VX revolution
Supported attributes:
- Reading the battery level in per cent (battery)