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I wanted to have a clock in my bedroom and wanted to also have a way of 
knowing what I needed to do during the day when I get up in the morning.  I 
have been using an old Tcl/Tk program named ical written by Sanjay Ghemawat
to manage my appointments, meetings, and todo list.  I adapted one of the 
utilites that comes with ical, along with a simple web server module that is
part of SDX to create a simple REST web app to serve calendar items in my
ical database.  I then devised the idea of using a Raspberry Pi with 
Adafruit's OLed 128x64 "Bonnet" to implement a network clock.  It would
normally just display the time, using a software implemented 7-segment 
display, but will also be able to display my appointments, meetings, and 
daily todo list, using the joystick on the Bonnet.  I also added a speaker
so the Raspberry Pi can provide audio "warnings" of things like upcoming
meetings and appointments.

Robert Heller