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|            Android Examples               |
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|                Twitter                    |
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++ Description ++

This example logs the user into Twitter using OAUTH 2.0 and then allows the user to Tweet. It is powered by the Twitter4J Library.

++ Usage ++

In order to compile this and have it work correctly you need to register a 3rd Party application with Twitter. You then must enter your consumer keys into the code where specified shortly after the imports. Additionally, your Twitter application settings must have a callback URL (any URL will work - having the URL makes Twitter recognize your application as being "browsable" and allows the authentication via the Android Internet browser to work). All of this can be done here :

Additionally, I've only tested this app using the default Android browser. It's possible that some or all versions of alternative browsers such as Opera or Firefox may not work with this application.

++ Why this example is awesome ++

*It uses only a single Activity.
*It works on all Android devices running firmware 1.6 or higher.
*It uses the popular Twitter4J library which simplifies many interactions with Twitter down to a simple method.
*It should serve as a simple yet thorough base for anyone getting started with integrating Twitter with Android as well as anyone looking for an example of successful OAUTH 2.0 authentication on Android.

++ What's coming ... ++

I'm considering writing a better UI and adding more functionality to the client so long as it doesn't interfere too much with the simplicity of this example. I have no intention of ever evolving this into a commercial application.
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