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Meta (, Win, or Command) Key pressed with any other key prevents a keyup event for the other key #19

RobertWHurst opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I don't recommend using the meta key for binding key combos. This sucks I know.

The problem is caused by both windows and OS X taking focus away from the browser when the key is pressed. Additionally there is no way to stop the event from bubbling because the browser can't intercept the meta key events in the first place.


Is it possible to reject key combos with the meta key?
So if there was a callback registered for "I", pressing "Cmd+I" wouldn't have any effect?


No, not really. Is this something you'd like? If so why?

I'm going to try and patch this bug by clearing all active keys upon release of the meta key.


I believe it could be less confusing to users. I was thinking that in any other program "Meta+I" wouldn't print "i" either. When starting to press the meta key the callback for "i" shouldn't be active anymore.

Your approach could work as well, though. And it sounds easier to implement within the javascript constraints.


Yes, I do agree. I'll attempt it then tomorrow. Do you need this in the 0.2.x release or do you mind migrating to 0.3.x? I'm trying to kill 0.2.x.

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