This project aims to provide an EasyMineLauncher like functionality with Minecraft 1.6 and later.
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This project aims to provide an EasyMineLauncher like functionality. EasyMineLauncher does not work with the versions of Minecraft 1.6 and above, so this project aims to provide the launcher starting with these versions.

Will this project ever be started?

It just did get started, actually. MinecraftMiddleKnife, the library behind this launcher, is finished in my opinion. Everything is in place to create this launcher and I can actually start Minecraft with it.

So...I'll see to it that it gets done.

The current state of the source allows you to actually use and launch Minecraft. It's rather complicated (you need to set lib-dir, native-dir and jar and also extract the native dependencies and gather all other dependencies...well, it's rather complicated), but possible.