A Firefox addon that provides extremely thin tabs, optimized for the squared tabs of Classic Theme Restorer.
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Thin Tabs

Thin Tabs is a fork of Small Tabs written by ロシア and is under the Mozilla Public License v2.

Thin Tabs is designed to work best with the Classic Theme Restorer Squared Tabs (v1 and v2). You can use it with the Australis default tabs, too, but it looks beyond abysmal.


PaleMoon users can install ThinTabs easily through the PaleMoon addon site for ThinTabs.

No distribution via addons.mozilla.org

Please note that I will not distribute any updates via addons.mozilla.org anymore. I do neither agree, nor support, nor do I wish to be associated with the decisions of Mozilla to:

  • ...turn the addon ecosystem into a walled garden, disallowing and disabling the ability of the user to run any addon they might wish to run.
  • ...drop support for full-fledged addons and instead limit addons to a very, very limited WebExtensions API.

I will only distribute updates via this GitHub page.

With Firefox 57, to be released at the end of 2017, this addon will cease working because support for XUL addons will be dropped. The only workaround I can offer in this regard is to no update Firefox after 56 is released.


This addon is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.


Run make...or if you don't know what make is, zip the whole src directory and change the file ending to xpi.