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The source code for the website. This is a read-only mirror of the GitLab repository.
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This is the source code for the [](
website. It is a Markdown document which is converted to HTML with


The build script (``), the Lua filter (`toolchain/filter.lua`) and
the template files (`templates/*`) can be considered to be under CC0 or
Public Domain.

The index file (`content/index.markdown`) has to be considered
"All Rights Reserved", with the exception of cloning this repository, and being
edited for the purpose of merging these changes back.

The avatar (`content/avatar.png`) and logo (`content/logo.svg`) have to be
considered "All Rights Reserved" with the exception of cloning this repository.
However, modifications or reuse of these two files is not permitted.

The icons (`content/icons.svg`) are a SVG sprite with icons from
[Font Awesome](, see the attached
license file for further details.

The [Pandoc]( executable (`toolchain/pandoc-linux-x64') is
the pre-built release package from
the [Pandoc release site]( and is
licensed under the GPLv2+.


Run the build script to generate the website.
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