Genome Assemblies

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sequence_ID sequencer(s) assembly_url(fasta) assembler(s) reference initials date notebook_url
pbjelly_sjw_01 pacbio/illumina 20171130_oly_pbjelly/jelly.out.fasta pbjelly BGI sjw 20171130
redundans_sjw_03 pacbio/illumina 20171024_docker_oly_redundans_01/scaffolds.reduced.fa reduands/canu canu_sjw_01 sjw 20171024
redundans_sjw_02 pacbio/illumina 20171004_redundans/scaffolds.reduced.fa redundans/canu canu_sb_01 sjw 20171006
redundans_sjw_01 pacbio/illumina 20171005_redundans/scaffolds.reduced.fa redundans/racon racon_sjw_01 sjw 20171006
redundans_sb_02 pacbio/illumina Oly_Redundans_Output_Try_2/scaffolds.reduced.fa redundans/canu canu_sb_01 sb 20170608
redundans_sb_01 pacbio/illumina Oly_Redundans_Output/scaffolds.reduced.fa redundans/canu canu_sb_01 sb 20170524
racon_sjw_01 pacbio 20170918_oly_pacbio_racon1_consensus.fasta racon NA sjw 20170918
canu_sjw_01 pacbio 20171018_oly_pacbio.contigs.fasta canu NA sjw 20171018
canu_sb_01 pacbio oly_pacbio_.contigs.fasta canu NA sb 20170619
soap_bgi_01 illumina Ostrea_lurida.fa soap NA BGI 20161221 NA
platanus_sb_02 illumina Oly_Platanus_Assembly_Kmer-22/Oly_Out__contig.fa platanus NA sb 20170602
platanus_sb_01 illumina Oly_Out__contig.fa platanus NA sb 20170519

Quast Comparison of Assemblies (20180116)

See Sam's Notebook for specifics.

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