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Drupal Mumble Viewer readme

This is just a straight-forward port to Drupal 7 of the Drupal Mumble Viewer modules already existing
for Joomla! and Wordpress. The class is written by Mike Johnson and Doug Gilbert, i added minor
functionality and made it Drupal-ready + wrote the rest of the module.

1. Unpack the module to your sites/all/modules directory.
2. Enable the module at the modules page.
3. Configure the module at the configuration page.
4. Enable the block on the blocks page.
5. Take a look at the page where you enabled the block.
6. Time to relax.

!!!! This module DOES NOT PROVIDE the Json module, it ONLY supports the display for the Json data.
!!!! You will have to install a Json provider, like for example MumPI, to be able to use this module.
!!!! But ones you have the Json provider working, it should be very simple to configure and use.

More info:

I am working on a lightweight Json provider module for Drupal, that will be a separate project.
You can install this package on your Mumble server if you run Drupal on that machine.

I'm also planning a stand-alone application that offers JUST and ONLY the Json output for 1 server.
This will not need any other software, only ICE, a running webserver (Apache) and PHP + PHP ICE mod.

Stay tuned for updates!

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