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Library for room acoustic analyse (linked with Blender)

Quick use :

  • Download the .zip file corresponding to your OS in
  • Download and add it in your Blender interface.
  • In Blender, in the App File section of Just4RIR tool, select the executable Just4RIR.
  • Rename materials of your room with a name that begin with a reference from Material.txt file followed by a space (or create a new reference if needed).
  • Add and place objects containing the word "source" and other containing "listener" inside your room. The radius of the listener will impact the measure (1m is a good value).
  • Select all your scene (room, obstacles, sources and listeners).
  • Click on EXPORT MESH & RUN.
  • Check your parameters on Just4RIR interface.
  • Click on Compute !

Then, it depends of what you need :

  • To analyse the impulse response : Go on the Analyse section and click on Display Echogram.
  • To listen the reverberated audio : Go on the Audio section, select your audio file and click on Generate reverberated audio.
  • To visualize Rays or Images-sources : Go on the Export section and click the corresponding button. Then, go on Blender, in the "Import Obj" field of the Just4RIR tool, select mesh4RIR_EXPORT.obj and click on IMPORT.

Or read the user manual :


  • No audio export without using Qt (debug on process)
  • [LINUX] No audio player (audio reverberated only available on the audio4RIR.wav file)
  • If you have selected a mesh file in another place than the folder containing Just4RIR.exe, and you want to use Blender, you have to delete it to for selecting the good mesh4RIR.obj file.


Library for room acoustic analyse (linked with Blender)






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