Linode API for Node.js based on their v4 API.
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Linode API

Node.js Linode API based on their (currently experimental) v4 API.

Methods are dynamic based on API endpoints specified in the documentation over here;


Since methods calls on this API automatically generate the API URL to call you will need to have a look at Linode API v4's documentation. Methods are always in the format actionResource. So to create a domain, you would call createDomain (data) with data being an object containing the fields and their values as per API documentation. To get a Linode instance (based on the /linode/instances/:id API route) you would call getLinodeInstance (id).

URL parameters can be passed in in the order that they would appear in the route according to the documentation, and if there is a data object it can be passed along as the last parameter.

Every call returns a Promise with the result returned by their API.


create or set for POST requests, edit for PUT requests, get or list for GET requests, remove for DELETE requests.


Create domain

API route: /domains (POST)

let lnc = new Linode ('api-key');
lnc.createDomain ({ domain: '', type: 'master', soa_email: '' })
		(response) => {
			console.log ('Domain ID: ' +;

Get all distributions

API route: /linode/distributions (GET)

let lnc = new Linode ('api-key');
lnc.getLinodeDistributions ()
	.then (...);

Get a Linode's disks

API route: /linode/instances/:id/disks

let lnc = new Linode ('api-key');
lnc.getLinodeInstanceDisks (linodeInstanceId)
	.then (...);