Decompiles the various _c formats into the content assets, can be used to decompile dota assets.
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Created by Toraxxx

Currently only supports decompiling .vpcf_c


  • Windows
  • Python 3 (
  • Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha
  • GCFScape or some other vpk extractor to extract what you want to decompile

How to use:

  • Edit and set RESOURCE_INFO_PATH to the path of your resource info

  • Extract the .vpcf_c that you want into the same corresponding path in dota_imported For example if a particle is in /particles/units/heroes/hero_axe/axe_culling_blade_kill.vpcf_c it will go into dota 2 beta/dota_ugc/game/dota_imported/particles/units/heroes/hero_axe/axe_culling_blade_kill.vpcf_c

  • Now use the decompiler to decompile it by either drag-dropping the vpcf_c on or using the console command

    python inputfilepath optional outputfilepath

    Example: python "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota_ugc\game\dota_imported\particles\units\heroes\hero_abaddon\abaddon_aphotic_shield_hit.vpcf_c"

    if you dont specify an output file path it will put it into your current work directory with the input file name + _decompiled.txt

  • Now you can rename the decompiled file to somename.vpcf and put it into the content folder of your addon \o/


  • You can use python Path/To/Directory/* to decompile all files that end with _c in that directory
  • If you save the decompiled file with the editor it will indent it correctly

You can contact me for any reasons at

All Dota2 particles decompiled (20.08.2014)