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Snapdrop is inspired by Apple's Airdrop, but is a Progressive Web App built with Polymer and Web RTC.

Snapdrop is an open source contribution by Nimiq: the Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosytem.

Snapdrop is built with the following awesome technologies:

Frequently Asked Questions


What about the connection? Is it a P2P-connection directly from device to device or is there any third-party-server?

It uses a P2P connection if WebRTC is supported by the browser. (WebRTC needs a Signaling Server, but it is only used to establish a connection and is not involved in the file transfer).

If WebRTC isn’t supported (Safari, IE) it uses a Web Sockets fallback for the file transfer. The server connects the clients with a stream.

What about privacy? Will files be saved on third-party-servers?

None of your files are ever saved on any server. Snapdrop doesn't even use cookies or a database. If you are curious have a look at the Server. But it does use Google Analytics.

Is SnapDrop a fork of ShareDrop?

No. ShareDrop is built with Ember. Snapdrop is built with Polymer. I wanted to play around with Progressive Web Apps and then I got the idea to clone Apple's Airdrop. By doing research on this idea I found and analysed ShareDrop. I liked it and thought about how to improve it. ShareDrop uses WebRTC only and isn't compatible with Safari Browsers. Snapdrop uses a Websocket fallback and some hacks to make Snapdrop work due to the download restrictions on iDevices.

Snapdrop is awesome! How can I support it?

Run the project on your device