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Google Maps For Fork CMS

An adaptation of the GoogleMapAPI V3 to allow geocodecaching through fork cms.


For general usage: see

Caching in fork:

self::$map = new GoogleMapAPI();
self::$map->_db_cache_table = 'geocodecache'; // cache results in this table
self::$map->setCached(true); // turn caching on.

Make sure that either FrontendModel or BackendModel are loaded if you want the geocodes cached.

You can change the caching table name by setting the _db_cache_table variable. The class expects to find a table which is constructed like the following (if the _db_cache_table variable is not set, we default to this tablename):

  address varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  lon float default NULL,
  lat float default NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (address)


Released under the LGPL licence (see .php file for author info)