a small script that downloads all new videos in your subscription feed to a folder
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youtube-dl-manager automatically downloads all new videos in your subscription feed to a directory. I wrote this because I only had access to a fast internet connection at certain times and wanted to download my new videos for later watching.


Download all new videos in your subscription feed to your video directory:

python youtube.py

Download a specific video to your directory:

python youtube.py <youtube-url> (<youtube-url> ...)

setup and requirements

All commands require you to have filled out the youtube.properties.example file and moved it to youtube.properties in the same location as the script (where it is located, not where it is run). Note that username is the original youtube username and not your google username.

For now this project requires youtube-dl, which is a great project in itself. to be installed and on your path. this is also written in python so I might just include it in the project one day, but I'm not sure how. youtube-dl does not support importing and isn't on pip, so...

Unless you delete the videos.db file, a video you already downloaded will not be downloaded again, even if you deleted it from the folder to save diskspace.


this project is licensed under the GPL.