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The Beast Masters Charm

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+##The Beast Masters All
+**Cost:** 2m+, 1wp **Mins:** Intelligence 5, Essence 4; **Type:** Reflexive<br />
+**Keywords:** Combo-OK, Shape<br />
+**Duration:** One Genesis Project<br />
+**Prerequisites:** ???
+Rare are the days when the Hunter finds himself completely outmatched,
+with this Charm he becomes a beast capable of defeating those who routinely thwart him.
+This Charm starts a Craft (Genesis) project using the Lunar's Heart's Blood library as samples to create an entirely new form.
+For every two motes spent on this Charm the project recieves a single point in its Genesis Rating, the Genesis Rating of the project may not exceed twice the Lunar's Essence.
+When activated the Lunar declares one being that has defeated him sometime in the last Lunar cycle, and who still lives, this Charm replaces the normal interval for Craft (Genesis) projects, everytime the subject defeats the Lunar an interval passes and the rolls are made.
+Should the Lunar defeat the subject of his own power, or discovers the subject to be truely dead (or in some other state that renders the Lunar unable to defeat em in the future) the Charm ends without completing the new form.
+Once complete, the resulting creation take a supernatural slot in the Lunar's Heart's Blood library, the Lunar must then defeat the subject using the new form, if he does not within a lunar cycle since the form was made the form is lost.

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