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Project 4: Makeup API
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Project 4 - Makeup API

Project Brief

Create an app that allows users to choose from the top 10 looks from any reliable online source and suggests products that would be used to achieve each specific look. The user should be able to filter their search by different looks and and specific products by brand, price and ratings. Finally, the user must be able to rate these looks based on how accurate or useful they have found the information to be.

You will need to use Firebase to store the average ratings and display this data that persists.

Scope of Work:

  • Come up with a list of appealing images that represents a different ‘look’
  • Allow user to rate the different ‘looks’ (use firebase to store this data)
  • Allow users to filter their search by brands, price, and ratings.


  1. Wireframes by Wednesday
  2. Beta by Thursday
  3. Final by the following Monday.


  • Project up on github
  • Project on URL, can be ghpages url.
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